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The Gardening Calendar

January - March                                                                                             April - June

Greenhouse construction                                                                                      Garden tidy – deadhead daffodils, seasonal pruning

Hedges cut and planted                                                                                         Build decking, pergolas and other garden structures  

Fruit tree pruning and feeding (potash)                                                                 Pathway cleaning

Plant bare-rooted trees, shrubs and roses                                                            Planting – evergreen trees, hedges and shrubs

Seasonal pruning of roses and late-flowering shrubs                                           Seasonal pruning

such as buddleia, ceanothus and hardy fuchsias                                                 Garden makeovers

Plant summer flowering bulbs such as dahlias, lilies and gladioli                         Plant summer containers, borders and hanging baskets

Lift and divide summer flowering herbaceous perennials                                     Lift and divide bulbs

Garden clearance                                                                                                 Grass cutting


July - September                                                                                            October – December

Painting / wood treatments for fences sheds & summerhouses                           Pond cleaning

Garden sitting for holidaymakers – watering, weeding                                         Leaf clearance

Hedge trimming                                                                                                     Fencing – repairs and erections

Rose care – deadheading and feeding                                                                 Cut back overgrown shrubs and hedges

Prune wisteria                                                                                                       Winter digging, soil preparation for spring

Transplant evergreen shrubs                                                                                Gates and path maintenance

Beds and borders maintenance                                                                            Frost protection – wrapping trees and plants

Cut down and divide perennials                                                                            Shed repairs

Plant spring flowering bulbs



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